Hello im dj candy if you haven't already guest each week i make a new poll for example this week is ginny's dress ups where you have to decide which one of ginny's outfits are the best like i said there will be a new one each week you can vote here

Ginny's dress ups Edit

Hello im ginny i have to choose an outfit for me to where to the mysims prom below there are some pictures of me with my different outfits so you can choose which one i wear thank you and ahoy to enter the poll just l

Ginny's outfits


Here's ginny in her pirate outfit


Here's ginny wearing her sheriff outfit

Fire chief

Here's ginny with her fir outfit on

Police officer

Here' ginny with her police outfit on

Snapshot 12-29-09 1253.

Ginny with her police outfit

180px-Captain Ginny

Ginny with her pirate oufit

you can vote by leaving lewis judkins (owner of this site i love him) Thankyou ginny

Ginny's cowgirl outfit

200px-Fire Chief Ginny

Thank you there will be a new poll on the 20th January thank you Edit